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    Ac Van

    Ac van and lady attendant(Summers)- We have facility of AC Van for summers for kids with a lady attendants.

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    Outdoor Activities

    Outdoor activities in sunlight (Winters) We make the kids indulge in different games & physical activities with a gratitude of nature and the experience of seasonal changes. Winter is such a great time of year to explore & ideal for encouraging ample of play, as well as exploring all that nature has to offer!

  • 3

    Smart Class

    Smart Class- Smart classes utilize every intelligent module like recordings and presentations. Actually, keen classes are practically similar to watching motion pictures as once in a while; enlivened visuals are utilized to instruct a point. This sort of visual is both eye-getting and kids can without much of a stretch relate with them. Smart Classes enhances showing adequacy and facilitates authoritative assignments by furnishing instructors with the simple to utilize devices. Truth be told, a smart class empowers rich joint effort between the school organization, kids, instructors and guardians.

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    Personal Attendance

    Personal Attendance required for each and every child 5*1

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    Online Availability

    Online vailability – Online facilities are available to students as well as to teachers for exploring the latest in the world.

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    Daily Touch With Parents

    Daily touch with parents - A positive parent-teacher relationship contributes to your child’s school success. Parent-Teacher interaction is must because this is the only way through we can explore the child's strength and weak areas.

  • 7

    100% Participation

    100% participation of each and every child in every function, in all activities, & celebrations.— Participation definitely supports a tyke's fearlessness and has a long lasting bearing. Kids excitedly take part on any capacity day, yearly games day and graduation day sorted out in school.