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Our vision is to enhance the abilities and skills related to physical, intellectual, communication and socio-emotional development of the preschool-aged child (2 to 3 years old) together with their peers in a joyful, nurturing and safe learning environment and in the process to be the leading quality pre-school education facility of the town.

Our beliefs: for realization of our vision:

The future of our nation rests on the capacity, confidence, toughness and self esteem of our youngest Indians. The period between birth and five years is vital in so many ways to children for both their future well being and their development. Each and every child is capable of learning. All children have individual unique needs, abilities, and talents. Children learn best in supportive, stimulating environments as active participants. Children learn best through play-based experiences. Children learn best through an integrated developmentally appropriate curriculum, using child-centered activities, propped up by teachers. Parents are the child's most important and enduring teachers who share equal responsibility in their child's education. Fair communication between teachers and parents help to boost child's learning. Early experiences in the school provide the child with the foundation for passionate lifelong learning.


The mission is to endow each child with a sturdy foundation to acquire skills and abilities to be a passionate lifelong learner; to prepare each child to become self confident, independent and dynamic individual with strong moral values; to maximize readiness to optimize learning in formal learning environments, and to promote partnership with parents. The mission is being accomplished by: Providing a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum. Creating and maintaining an environment in which children learn through play. Setting up parent partnerships. Providing ongoing educational opportunities for staff, parents. Facilitating smooth transitions from preschool to regular/formal school settings. Encouraging effective communication.